June 19, 2021

Ways to develop critical thinking in kids

In today’s world, critical thinking should be a fundamental part of a child’s education because it is an ingredient for success in the world of work. Employers of labor are looking to hire the best brains out there, especially in a technology-driven world like ours. Here are ways to develop critical thinking in kids:

Buy them games

Children love to play and playing games is something they will always do willingly. You can take advantage of this to get them good educational games for children. You can also look out for games that can increase their critical thinking capabilities. You can easily find such types of game in game stores like Game zone. However, you should first read about any game store from which you want to buy games for your children on NorskeAnmeldelser to get the opinion of other Norwegians about the company.

Game zone

Ask questions

Questions probe your children to think beyond the surface level. When you allow your child to ask and answer questions, you are helping them to focus on the important parts of a story and separate the seeming from the unseeming. You are also helping them to master the ability to understand and interpret what they read. Also, you can quickly spot the comprehension areas they are having difficulty in and get them the needed help.

Connect the dots

Connecting the dots help your child to master how to think critically. As they read forward, they should be able to make connections backward. This helps them to figure how things are related and the importance of a part in the whole, a much-needed skill for their future. As such, they will be able to size up situations, make an in-depth analysis, and offer sound judgment based on what they have analyzed.

Encourage them to do summaries and solve riddles

Summarizing a story helps your kids to determine the important and unimportant parts of a story, which is more or less the first step in the critical thinking process. Critical thinkers cannot dwell on the unimportant parts of a matter if they want to make insightful analyses of the matter. Also, encourage your children to solve riddles. They can start with the simpler ones and progress to more difficult ones. Solving riddles teaches your kids how to analyze information.

Get them to involve in extracurricular activities

Critical thinking is not only developed by reading and solving riddles alone. Extracurricular activities help to refresh their mindset and expose them to fresh perspectives. You can put them in school or out-of-school clubs such as a debating or dance club.

Be a role model

There is no better way to teach your kids how to master critical thinking than be a critical thinker yourself. In everything you do, your kids should see this quality at work in you. Monitor and evaluate how you think, and take steps to improve it. Listen to messages by philosophers, statesmen, etc., read good books, etc. Besides, you cannot give what you don’t have; so you must be a critical thinker to raise one yourself.

Encourage them to be good listeners

A lot of people only hear, but rarely listen. A major quality of a critical thinker is their ability to listen with an open questioning mindset. Listening is more than just restraining yourself from talking; it is trying to understand the angle the other person is bringing to the matter on the ground and giving them space to think and talk, while not imposing your beliefs on them or questioning them before they are done.